Robert Bruce Shaw

Leadership Consultant & Author

Consulting Services - Princeton MCG

Princeton MCG provides advice to senior executives on the management of strategic organizational change. Our goal is to assist leaders in creating organizations with the capacity to achieve short-term business objectives while building long-term competitive advantage. In total, we support the development of new ways of operating in rapidly shifting industries—including fundamental changes in a firm’s organization and people.

Our Clients
Senior executives of Fortune 1000 corporations in rapidly changing industries

Their Challenge
Building organizations that win in the global marketplace

Our Services
Advice on enhancing organizational and leadership performance

Typical Projects
  •     Creating an integrated change strategy and plan
  •     Redesigning organizational structures
  •     Promoting large-scale cultural transformation
  •     Improving senior team effectiveness
  •     Coaching executives on change leadership

Core Capabilities
  •     Senior leadership perspective on business performance
  •     Applied knowledge of world-class approaches to change implementation
  •     Pragmatic and disciplined approaches to change implementation
  •     Collaborative partnering with clients and members of their organizations

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