Robert Bruce Shaw

Leadership Consultant & Author

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All In
SKU: 9781400212200

What makes great leaders like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs extraordinary? All In shows leaders and aspiring leaders how obsession can fuel the most incredible successes, but also how it can take a serious toll on company culture, families, and support networks.
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Extreme Teams
SKU: 9780814437179

Do you face the challenge of building and leading a new team?  Revitalizing a stagnant one?

Extreme Teams examines the team practices driving growth in seven of the world's most cutting-edge firms. They do this by challenging conventional wisdom and doing things differently. Times change, and so must teams. Designing and managing high-performance teams requires upgrading outdated beliefs and behaviors, and creating in your company the level of intensity and collaboration needed to face down any challenge.
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Leadership Blindspots
SKU: 9781118646298

Leadership Blindspots is a comprehensive guide that helps individuals surface and act on unrecognized weaknesses that can impair their effectiveness, damage their organizations and derail their careers. Written by an author with years of experience working closely with leaders as a management consultant, the book provides a useful model for understanding how blindspots operate and the risks they pose.  At the same time, Leadership Blindspots offers a clear roadmap to becoming a better leader by offering pragmatic advice on how to manage blindspots more effectively.  
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Trust in the Balance
SKU: 9780787902865

If you've never examined how trust affects your organization, maybe you should. In this engaging book, Robert Shaw moves past the right thing to do argument and focuses on trust as a critical issue successful managers cannot take for granted. He shows how lack of trust is compromising more and more organizations in today's highly competitive environment. And he offers a way out.
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